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What is “Short Interval Scheduling”

Short-interval scheduling, or SIS, predates WWII and has been acknowledged as a part of the foundation for lean, JIT, and agile workplace concepts. At its core, SIS is a process that frequently assesses progress toward daily goals to identify problems, execute corrective actions, and ensure utmost productivity. It requires detailed expectations be set ahead of time so planned vs. actual work completed can be closely monitored at various intervals.

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Lean Projects 3x More Likely to Complete Ahead of Schedule 

Dodge Data & Analytics recently benchmarked the current state of capital project TRESTLES - HIGH vs. LOW INTENSITY LEAN PROJECTSdelivery performance and found a statistically significant correlation between use of Lean methods and better project outcomes. High Lean intensity projects were three times more likely to complete ahead of schedule and two times more likely to complete under budget.

To establish a benchmark, eighty-one owners responded to Dodge Data & Analytics’ Owner Satisfaction & Project Performance survey by answering questions about their perceived best project and a typical project in the last three years — providing data on schedule, budget, quality and safety performance as well as information on how the project team was organized, the commercial terms for the project and the management methods used. Continue reading “Lean Projects 3x More Likely to Complete Ahead of Schedule “