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12 Construction Apps To Improve Productivity

There’s no question that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have made our lives easier. Mobile construction apps allow you to get instant access to project information in the field and communicate real-time data back to the office or your client.
Whether you are looking for a single solution like daily reporting, plan viewing, time sheets or a complete project management solution, there are a ton of mobile construction apps available for your Apple or Android devices.

We’ve selected 12 construction apps that can help improve productivity and facilitate better communication with all members of the project team and other stakeholders. Continue reading “12 Construction Apps To Improve Productivity”

Stay Connected: 5 Ways To Save Your iPhone Battery Life While On The Jobsite

We’ve all been there. You’re at a social occasion. You’re trying to look occupied, but not overly so. Then it hits you: your iPhone, your life crutch, is down to 20% power. There’s no way you’re going to last the duration at the rate you’re sucking screen light. Here are some useful tips to help you manage your iPhone’s battery life and keep you out of a jam. Continue reading “Stay Connected: 5 Ways To Save Your iPhone Battery Life While On The Jobsite”