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Outdated Construction Equipment Adds To Low Productivity 

Construction has never moved at the same technological pace as other industries. The large_galileo_10_4140_webnature of the business is that conditions change from job to job, and even construction of “cookie-cutter” restaurants and hotels present different geographic, regulatory and labor challenges.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that when a tool or system works—outdated though it may be—there’s hesitation when it comes to changing it on the mere promise of a better deal. As the old saying goes, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

However, the old way of doing things is broken. Continue reading “Outdated Construction Equipment Adds To Low Productivity “

Construction Not Safe From the Threat of Cyber Fraud

TRESTLES - Nn industry is safe from the threat of cyber fraud - Especially Construction!The internet is an informational super-highway, tethered to how business is conducted. But like any heavily-traveled road, it can also be a place fraught with danger. Just when companies think all is well and are cruising along without a worry, with anti-virus seatbelts securely fastened, they suddenly get slammed by a big rig with the words “cyber fraud” on the side.

Some companies survive the wreck, while others aren’t so lucky, but the ensuing damage is devastating.

According to an article in Forbes, cyber crime costs are projected to top $2 trillion by 2019.IBM Corp.’s Chairman, CEO and President, Ginni Rometty, recently stated that cyber crime is the “greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world.Continue reading “Construction Not Safe From the Threat of Cyber Fraud”