Trestles Construction Solutions (TCS) is composed of a group of construction and construction technology experts that have individually been responsible for over $1 billion in profit/loss operations, successfully training hundreds of field supervisors, ran numerous field crews, and effectively implemented lean construction practices for an industrial construction firm grossing over $2 billion in revenue per year.

TCS primary mission is to provide construction risk management education and frontline supervisor development. With the shortages and ever-increasing demands placed on construction frontline supervisors, we believe, providing them planning & scheduling education, leadership development, and effective processes and tools to manage the work should be the primary objective of any construction firm that performs direct hire work.

Field supervisors are often talented craftsmen who have experienced “battle field promotions” without any formal training. Safety, quality, productivity, labor cost, retention of qualified crafts people, and customer satisfaction is largely dependent on the skills of these valuable people.


Lean Construction, Risk Management Education & Training, Business Management Consulting, and Frontline Supervisor Development